Change Your Mind

Happy Monday.

At the beginning of each new week, there is a certain sobriety that pervades the atmosphere (aside from the last signs of weekend hangovers fading away.) It is caused by a somber recognition of loss shared in the hearts of the student body every Monday over here in Middle-of-Nowhere, Pennsylvania. It is the loss of the weekend, the loss of temporary relief from droning lectures, the loss of precious time when we should have employed our energies toward catching up on all the work we are so desperately behind on.

Every Monday is a ritual. The shrill squawk of multiple alarms shatter the tranquility of sleep. Snooze buttons are violently assaulted. And this process repeats about 3-5 times for each student.

I must acknowledge my own deep loathing of Mondays; they are tired days. It wasn’t always this way. There was a time when I was quite alright with beginning a new week, eager to take on new challenges and what-not. Such enthusiasm has deserted me.

I confessed to a friend last night that sometimes – including the current moment – I wish I didn’t care so much, that I didn’t have the uncompromising drive to excel. I bet life is so much less stressful for those students who have no problem seeing a B on their transcript; or God forbid… a C.

But I know myself. I know what I want. I know intimately what all my ambition – taxing as it may be at times – leads me toward. I’ve been tripping steadily over my own two feet long enough to know when I need a pick-me-up, something to straighten my spine when my posture begins to become slack. Sometimes that one crucial necessity… is fresh motivation. Simple solution, right? Wrong. Searching for this motivation, as we all know, can at times be as futile as a hunt for the Holy Grail.

This is why you have me. While I was browsing YouTube in my first waking hour – go figure – with my mug of Colombian roast in hand, I found it. You’re welcome. (I’m not referring to the Holy Grail, mind you, although I might as well be.)

The answer was as simple as 3 words:

Change your mind.

Obviously, there are many possible contexts that could influence the interpretation and intended meaning of this phrase. As my word count is starting to rise to a height inappropriate for a Monday’s attention span, I will simply post the video below.

The video is only five minutes in length, but honestly, you don’t need to watch the whole thing if you just don’t have the time. I was feeling refueled before the first minute had gone by. Watch on your lunch break. Sacrifice viewing the inspiring visuals and listen to the audio on your drive.

Enjoy. You’ve got this.

Keep moving forward.

P.S. I will now be creating a new page on this blog labeled “Monday Motivation” where I will be posting content like this video that boils the blood and gets you ready to take on the world. Every Monday morning – and whenever you’re feeling run down – be sure to check out that page for new inspirational material.


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